Brief about us

The company was established in March 2006 by a group of individuals that combines the appropriate marine scientific certification of the company’s activity and experience in the maritime field in its various forms several changes have taken place in the functional structure of the company and the main site and policies best seen by its will in December 2009 and it was determined that the company on its headquarters The main outfit is owned by the company in Alexandria, 22-Red Crescent Street divisions eliminate the second round Smouha

Who We Are

Meridian Marine group divided to 3 department

  • Survey and marine consultants
  • Ship maintenance & repair
  • Ship supply
Meridian Marine is also an efficient trainer on par with ISO 9001/ 2008 standards. Meridian Marine – it’s young and dynamic team ready to provide Clients with fast and successful ship services: Ship Repair, Ship, Supply, Spare parts, survey and consultant agency, ship management and …more. Twenty-four hour, seven-day-a-week shifts insure minimum down time for vessels under repair. Meridian Marine perfection was achieved by hiring experienced and highly qualified personnel. The work area covers the entire vessel from the mast antennas to the propellers.

Our Facilities

Workshops 100%
Equipment 100%
Workforce 100%
Time Management 100%


Our workshop is located in Abis Alexandria with area exceed more than 400 square meter Our workshop is equipped with modern machinery and equipment enabling us to support our repair crew on your vessel or to manufacture parts according to your requirements for swift supply whenever it is needed.


Our workshop is equipped with traditional tools and modern equipments including all digital instruments vibrations analyzer, infrared tachometer, oxygen meter, co2meter, carbon dioxide meter, digital micrometer, digital torque wrench, salt meter, …etc lathe machines, grinding machines ,cutting machines, milling machines ,drill machines , boring machine , arc welding machines, air compressors , air coolers circulation system…etc


To know everything about everything you have to be marine engineer to cover the entire vessel from the mast to the propeller you must own all previous facilities plus strong team work has previous marine experience and current technical qualifications our workforce is multi skilled with a fast turnaround but operating to quality standards.