Meridian marine are professional in ultrasonic and non-destructive test (welding and thickness) for ships according to IACS requirements:

  1. Ultrasonic testing " UT"
  2. Liquid penetrant testing " PT "
  3. Magnetic particle testing " MT "
  4. Visual testing " VT "
  5. " ALL this testing is done by a certified equipment approved from IACS classes and a certified celebration company " "Meridian marine approved from BV,RINA and ABS class sociaties to do ultrasonic and non-destructive test "

Why we do NDT testing :

  • High penetrating power, which allows the detection of flaws deep in the part.
  • High sensitivity, permitting the detection of extremely small flaws.Only two nonparallel surfaces need to be accessible.
  • Greater accuracy than other nondestructive methods in determining the depth of internal flaws and the thickness of parts with parallel surfaces.
  • Some capability of estimating the size, orientation, shape and nature of defects.
  • Nonhazardous to operations or to nearby personnel and has no effect on equipment and materials in the vicinity
  • Capable of portable or highly automated operation.
  • "Results are immediate. Hence on the spot decisions can be made."