Our expertise is in marine surveys to determine adherence to Class, facilitating the issuance of Seafarers Licenses, Full Vessel Investigations including Tonnage Calculations, Caribbean Code Consulting & Certification Service, ISM Consulting & Certification Services, assist Offshore Company Formation, Technical and other consultancies for Naval & Offshore Architecture.

Marine Surveys & Ship Classification

  • Marine Surveys & Classification Surveys entail heavy responsibility towards governments and the shipping community. The end users rely on surveyors for sound judgment to arrive at an opinion about a ship and its equipment.
  • With a team of highly qualified Marine Engineers, Naval Architects and Master Mariners handpicked from the marine fraternity and classification societies.
  • The overriding corporate policy of our company is to provide high quality services in a quick and efficient manner.
  • Meridian Marine has been impanelled by the government as Safety Inspectors/Surveyors for SIERRA LEONE Flag State administration. We offer (Ship registration-seafarers certification- Radio Accounting Authorities - LRIT Authorized Service Providers - Bunker Convention Procedure -Flag State Inspections- Recognized Organizations- Maritime Labour Complaints)
  • MERIDIAN MARINE is appointed in a different kind of class statutory such as (OMCS-SING LLOYD-MACOSNAR)
  • By virtue of these positions, Meridian Marine is authorized to carry out Statutory Surveys as well as various other marine related services on behalf of its Principles. (ISM -ISPS -LL -MARPOL - SE -SR)

Marine survey

A. marine engineering

  • Full condition
  • collision survey
  • bunker survey
  • on/off hire survey
  • Purchasing survey
  • inclining experiment
  • towage survey

B. cargo survey

  • Monitoring and tallying survey
  • cargo damage
  • Container inspection survey
  • draught/ullage survey

Class survey

  • class entry survey
  • hull & machinery survey
  • cargo gear

Marine Surveys & Ship Classification

  • MERIDIAN MARINE constantly expands its ambit of services to be able to reach out to its customers in more ways than one. MERIDIAN MARINE is capable of providing professional consultancy services to Ship Management Teams.
  • MERIDIAN MARINE provides excellent services and solutions to clients at affordable rates to enable them to comply with the stringent standards of Shipboard safety and guidelines for Environment safety.
  • MERIDIAN MARINE provides documentation and turnkey services in the following fields:
    • Safety Management System (ISM) onboard ships and onshore offices
    • Complete Shipboard Safety Training and Implementation Program
    • Security Management System (ISPS) onboard ships, in port facilities and ship management offices
    • Waste Management (Oil, Solid, Ballast water).

Meridian marine is authorized office in Egypt for doing survey under this class's :

OMCS Class

  • Overseas Marine Certification Services (OMCS CLASS) is a leading ship classification society. We provide a critical link in the marine risk management chain by serving as an independent institution operating between ship owners, builders, financiers, underwriters, flag administrations, and vessel charterers.
  • Our mission is to ensure the preservation of life, property, and the marine environment. We accomplish this through impartial surveys and certifications to ensure a vessel is in compliance with established national and international rules and regulations.
  • The International Maritime Organization (IMO) permits flag administrations to delegate the inspection and certification of ships to a Recognized Organization (RO) and Recognized Security.
  • Organizations (RSO). As such, OMCS CLASS is recognized by the maritime administrations of Panama, Sierra Leone, Cambodia, Belize and Bolivia to verify same vessel’s compliance with international and national statutory regulations, through our worldwide coverage.
  • We maintain independent technical requirements for the design, construction, and survey of ships and marine facilities. These requirements incorporate the latest methods, tools, and techniques to ensure that we provide the most efficient and thorough service while keeping costs to you at a minimum.

they are working according to OMCS class

About Us

Since its foundation in 2005, SING-LLOYD has grown in undeniable authority and worldwide recognition with evolving challenges of the maritime industry to become an international multi-disciplinary organization. Until today, our core commitment remains in promoting of maritime safety and with the impressive credentials and dedication to the protection of life, property and the natural environment within the maritime industry, SING-LLOYD was accepted as the Recognized Organization and Recognized Security Organization and fully complies with the International Maritime Organization ( IMO ) Resolutions A789(19) and A739(18). Regardless, we will continue to strive to be more efficient provider of marine classification and consultancy services through the innovative, enthusiasm and professionalism of our staff


Statutory work is carried out in strict compliance with the IMO’s international conventions and codes, as well as per the national regulations of the Flag States, having authorized Class SGL. Major international conventions and codes directly relevant to the surveying and certification activities of Class SGL include the following.


Why sing-lloyd????

In the development of the contemporary maritime industry, SING-LLOYD classification has emerged as an essential contributor to the safe-guarding of life, property and the environment while ensuring a maximum rate of return of vessels. SING-LLOYD classification fundamentals are based on;

  1. Setting standards (Classification Rules)
  2. Verification of compliance with standards (approval of specifications and drawings, surveys and testing)
  3. Documenting compliance with standards (survey reports, Classification certificates)

Our classification services are performed through our extensive global network of offices and representatives by experience and/or systematically trained and well qualified surveyors, approval engineers and professionals, extensively supported by modern technology. SING-LLOYD are recognized for our in-depth technical competence, innovative and proactive solution as well as an excellent service attitude which in turn ensures a safe operation and cost-effective shipping operation.

IT is a Panamanian recognized organization, recognized security organization and classification society founded in 1995, to offer services of height professional quality to the maritime community, in an efficient and appropriate way, such services are carried out with a highly qualified staff of engineers and navel architects’, which guarantee the performance of inspection and the issuance of statutory certificates according to the norms of the international Martine organization (IMO) Since 2002, we operate under the certification of the quality system ISO 9001-2008, Which results in a continuous improvement of the quality in our services?