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  • Egypt branch : 22,Alhelal Alahmer St., Al-Shahba Buldg 2 nd floor Smouha, Alexandria- Egypt OUR OFFICE IN DUBAI Level 8&9 , the offices 4 , one central world trade center , Box 191225 ,Dubai –UAE . United Arab Emirates branch: BUILDING NO 312 NASSER AHMED SAEED MOHAMED ELAWADHI -ALGARHOUDHI - DUBAI -UAE
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Flag Administration

Meridian marine is authorized office in Egypt for registration of vessels under the flag of Sierra Leone (SL).

Why Sierra Leone flag:
  1. - Updated, fast and easy registration procedures .
  2. - No burden of documentation.
  3. - Innovating online registration system.
  4. - Online vessel's registration and seafarer's certification, verification system.
  5. - Competitive prices.
  6. - Incentive scheme for new registration and group owners.
  7. - Protective IMO participation.
  8. - Continuous improvement in MOUS performance.
  9. - 24/7 support for emergency incidents.

Ship Registration:
  1. SLMARAD accepts vessels of any type and can conduct registration of new building ships and transferring of existing vessels from other flag administrations. The following are offered by SLMARAD:
  2. - Initial ship registration
  3. - Special registration
  4. - Yacht registration
  5. - BAREBOAT charter in and out registration
  6. - The age limit for such a registration is 40 years
  7. - There is no crew nationality requirement

Seafarer’s certification :
  1. - Provisional registration endorsement are issued by registration officers. Full term endorsements are issued solely by SLMARAD'S head office.

Registration Requirements:
  1. - The registration of vessel under the flag of Sierra Leone (SL) is governed by the Merchant Shipping Act, 1982. The Cabinet has appointed a Commissioner for Maritime Affairs to perform the functions and discharge the duties of a Registrar outside SL to carry out administrative duties and undertake the general superintendence of all matters as per the Merchant Shipping Act and the registration of ships in foreign ports. A SVG citizen or body corporate or a foreign corporation registered in SL or by being a foreign corporation and obtaining a resident agent in SL can be the owner of a SL vessel. The age limit for such a registration is forty (40) years. There is no crew nationality requirement

Provisional Registration:
  1. - Application form for Registration completed and signed.
  2. - A Proof of ownership or copy of notarized Bill of Sale or copy of Purchase Contract or Builder's Certificate (New Ship only).
  3. - A Good Standing Certificate of the owning company or recent Certificate of Registration.
  4. - A copy of ISM Document of Compliance (DOC) of the vessels operator and a copy of the short term (or interim) SMC or confirmation from the authorized organization that same is being issued (if applicable).
  5. - A Permission for transfer or recent Transcript of Register and/or recent Non-encumbrance Certificate or Deletion Certificate from the present registry.
  6. - A copy or photocopy of the existing Tonnage Certificate or Certificate of Measurement.
  7. - A copy or photocopy of the existing Tonnage Certificate or Certificate of Measurement.
  8. - A Confirmation from the Classification Society that the vessel is in class and has valid statutory certificates. The Classification Society must confirm that the vessels class will be retained under the new Ownership/Flag and that the new statutory certificates will be issued after the completion of the necessary surveys.
  9. - An Accounting Authority Identification Code (A.A.I.C.) and confirmation from the accounting authority that it will be responsible for the radio traffic accounts.
  10. - The payment of registration and annual fees.